Modules & Themes

Harmony Core

Harmony Core is the centre of the ecosystem, it provides the minimum of features to have an Entity based forum within your Drupal site. It should not be used at the same time as the Core Forum module.

Harmony Access

Harmony Access provides an intelligent and flexible layer which is used by other modules to restrict access to Harmony Threads and Posts. This module by itself won't do anything though it has a sub-module which integrates with Organic Groups. Works well with Harmony Forum Access.

Harmony Forum Access

This module lets you restrict access to certain Forum categories/sub-forums/whatever you like to call them by role. For example you could create a place for moderators only to talk in. Requires the Harmony Access module.

Harmony Search

Exposes Harmony Threads and Posts to the Search API module. Also integrates with Harmony Access so searches only include results the user has access to see.

Harmony Moderation

Adds in links to let users report SPAM content, listing pages for administrators to review reported content, flood-control to prevent users mass reporting posts and rules to auto-unpublish content after being reported by a definable number of unique users.

Harmony Hide User

Allow your users to hide the content of other specific users, simple really!


Awesome inline autocompletion within textareas, can be used for @ mentioning other users or tagging content with #'s. Harmony Core has a sub-module which does the hard work for you when the At.js module is in place.

Harmony Akismet

Integration with the Akismet anti-spam text analysis service to prevent unwanted junk content from getting all up in your site. Also integrates with Harmony Moderation if you choose to retain any suspected spam content and places it in the moderation queue.

Harmony Mollom

Integration with the Mollom anti-spam text analysis service for both the new Thread and new Post forms, provides the option to retain suspected spam to the moderation queue provided by Harmony Moderation.