What we got?

By the way, if we don't got what you want, we can probably make it. Request a feature ยป


It's Drupal so you've got lots of options and ways to build what you need. Chances are if there's something you want to do, someone's done the legwork.

Standard Forum stuff

Create threads, replies, listings of the aforementioned along with a comprehensive permissions list. A perfect storm of really basic things done well.

Kitchen sink integration

Again back to the Drupal, Harmony is integrated up the wazoo with the community favourite modules. We've got guides and details on how to tweak Harmony.

@ mention other users

Pretty neat, you can @ mention users in the middle of posts, notify the user being mentioned and know whether or not a mention is removed or part of an edit.

Comprehensive access layer

Huh? A clone of Drupal's node access layer this means you can do very complicated things around who should be able to see, edit and create things in various places.

Highly customisable search

If you want to build a search system based off of whatever highly creative criteria you have you can. It also integrates with the access layer.

Content moderation

Admins & Moderators can enjoy content listings and users can report spammy looking content (and state any reasons). Everyone's happy!

Spam prevention

Harmony has integration with both Akismet and Mollom anti-spam text analysis services. If the service isn't sure you can put that content to a moderator to decide.

Profanity filtering

If you want to prevent or obscure any effing and jeffing in your community then you can.

Built with experience

Harmony amongst (other things) is the sum of Design, Development, planning, creativity and an amount of witchcraft gained over years of experience. We totes know what we're up to.

Have something you'd like built/blown up/[other verb]? Well we might very well be the people for the job. Maybe.

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