Harmony is a new breed of forum.

Built on Drupal, Open-source and free!

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Harmony is an Open-source (free as in beer) Forum & Communities eco-system built on Drupal aimed at giving you what you need and no more than that.

Need an online community? Harmony can provide it! Between open source (no vendor lock in), professional support and a library of parts (modules & themes) you're set.

Site builder, Developer or otherwise Drupaly? Harmony is made by one of you to end the pain of having to use Drupal Core Forum or 3rd-party integrations. We're also working on migrate scripts :)

Who's using Harmony?

Fantastic organisations that we're privileged to help and be helped by.

Built with experience

Harmony amongst (other things) is the sum of Design, Development, planning, creativity and an amount of witchcraft gained over years of experience. We totes know what we're up to.

Have something you'd like built/blown up/[other verb]? Well we might very well be the people for the job. Maybe.

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