About Harmony

How'd it all start

After much pain creating communities with Drupal, we figured there must be a better way! Stuck in a land of Core Forum module or 3rd party integrations it turned out there wasn't another option, so we made one!

As of writing Harmony has been going for a few years, highs, lows, trials and tribulations this story has it all. Alas, this is the story we'll never tell. Anyway! Beauty of Open Source code is that anyone can read the code, fix and contribute. Harmony right now is a solid family of modules with large organisations using it.

Explain Harmony and Drupal in 2 minutes

Drupal is an Open Source platform which lets you create websites through Modules and Themes. Harmony is an ecosystem of Modules and Themes along with a Distribution (Drupal + Modules & Themes pre-configured) or two built on top of Drupal to provide forum/community features.

Harmony at its heart is the module harmony_core, it's all you need to get a solid forum in your Drupal site. You can throw in extra Harmony modules to extend Harmony like harmony_forum_access to restrict access to certain Sub Forums to certain user roles.

Explain the ecosystem and how it works

The central module to all of this is harmony_core, this will give you the base of a forum in Drupal. All of the harmony_* modules are built with the others in mind, this means that things lock together in a cohesive way as it's all built with the other parts in mind.

A good example of this would be where harmony_moderation provides post reporting and a moderation queue for Moderators & Forum Administrators to check through, harmony_akismet and harmony_mollom which provide text analysis for new posts (as a way to root out and prevent SPAM posts) give you option to put any content they're not sure about in the moderation queue.

Another example would be where we provide harmony_access which adds the context of complex access rules for threads and posts, harmony_search will provide logic that can take these access rules into account when listing out search results.

Getting from your current setup to Harmony

Could be tricky, typically it's best to get in touch to get an understanding on the best way to migrate away from the software that you're on.

A ray of light is that the more people migrate we can hope that this becomes released so that others can benefit.

Find someone to quote & work on your project

Get in touch :)